A new website called is now live, thanks to the Unclaimed Property Division of the Texas Comptroller’s Office.

The online tool lets Texans search for unclaimed assets like bank accounts or bill over-payments, and claims have reunited more than $2 billion in lost assets with their rightful owners.

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The Comptroller’s office even created an ad campaign to let people know about the billions of dollars they could qualify to reclaim. The tagline: “Some things you may not want to claim. Others, you do.”

According to Fox News, institutions, businesses and governmental entities are all required by Texas state law to report any personal property that’s gone unclaimed for a time span of up to five years.

There’s also no statute of limitations; once reported, it waits there indefinitely to be claimed by whoever owns it.

So give the site a quick browse. You might get some help paying off that Christmas credit card debt. After all, is their promo video concludes, “It’s your money — come and get it.”

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