A longtime school administrator is on leave after being accused of actions she denies.

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Dr. Bertie Simmons, 83, is the principal of Furr High School in Houston, a job she took in 2000.

Experienced with nearly 17 years leading the school, HISD officials placed Simmons on leave due to what they at first called a “personnel matter.”

However, new details emerged this week pointing to a more threatening reason.

Reports provide Simmons allegedly threatened students with a baseball bat.

The district also alleges she fought the relaxed dress code adopted in the wake of Harvey.

Simmons denies the allegations and hired a lawyer to fight for her reinstatement.

He wants her reinstated by Friday.

“As you well know, Dr. Simmons is 83 years old and approximately 5-feet tall,” Newar said in an interview. “Therefore, it defies credulity and common sense that Dr. Simmons could objectively threaten anyone — let alone high school students with a baseball bat.”

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Credited in part to her efforts to reduce violence and enforce a uniform policy, Furr is recognized academically.

This is a developing story.