Uber users in Houston, among the first in the nation, can now tip their drivers

In a week of much Uber upheaval, it was announced Wednesday that Houston users of the car-sharing app will be among the first in the nation to be able to tip their drivers.

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“We have heard for quite some time, and, frankly, it is long overdue,” said Trevor Theunissen, public affairs manager for Uber in Texas.

Uber users in Seattle and Minneapolis will also have the option to tip through the app.

While the company has been historically opposed to tipping, preferring to model a “cashless experience,” its drivers have long rallied for the extra income; many come from driving taxis where tips are integral to the job.

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In addition to CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation on Tuesday, the company has been “dogged by criticism of its corporate culture, namely a sense of sexism and detachment from the realities of its drivers’ lives.”

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