University of Houston alum’s show-stopping pass saves the Minnesota Vikings AP Photo/Brandon Wade
University of Houston mascot Shasta during a pep rally at the Cotton Bowl, Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012, in Dallas. (AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

Call Case Keenum a local hero. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback —  and more importantly, University of Houston Cougar alumnus — made the play of his life Sunday, when he threw a last-gasp pass to Stefon Diggs, ran the ball in for a winning touchdown over the New Orleans Saints, 29-24.

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“I remember seeing a flash of Stefon breaking towards the sideline,” Keenum, who had 173 texts following the game, told Peter King with Sports Illustrated, “and I threw it right at the back of his head, trying to put it high on the back of his head, and he jumped up and I thought, ‘Oh wow, he has a chance at this.’ I could see his gloves up in the air. I can still see the image of his gloves going up for it. He catches it, and I’m like, ‘Oh man, he caught it!’”

The Abilene, Texas, native went undrafted out of U of H even though he threw for 19,217 yards and made 155 touchdown passes in college. He even holds the NCAA passing record.

Keenum, 29, made it to the NFL with prior stints on the Houston Texans and now-Los Angeles Rams rosters.

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