A Houston woman shot during a robbery last Christmas Eve said she filed a lawsuit against an unexpected target:

“I begged my boss multiple times to quit putting me on that shift,” Paxton Webb said in an interview with KHOU.

Webb reportedly remains paralyzed from a gunshot to her back, which she said she sustained during a robbery.

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While police said they never caught the robbers, Webb said she believes her former employer Katz Boutique is partially at fault for her injuries, hence why she is suing the adult video and gift shop for damages.

She said the 24-hr store – a place dealing largely in cash – did nothing to secure her safety:

“Virtually nothing was done to protect this young woman. You had her working the graveyard shift, by herself, in a high-crime area, in a business that deals primarily in cash,” her attorney Rick Laminack said in an interview with KHOU.

Webb reportedly worked the overnight shift at Katz Boutique located in the 14700 block of Eastex Freeway in northeast Houston on Christmas Eve 2016 – the date of the incident.

Surveillance video shows two masked men enter the business at around 2:00 a.m.

With guns drawn, they proceeded toward the cashier’s booth near Webb’s stations.

She can then be seen attempting to secure the door, already opening at this point.

Webb believes the perpetrators came armed the code to the door; the robbers demanded money and property she handed over.

They also reportedly stole a cash register and a safe.

Despite her compliance, one of the men fired a shot into Webb’s back as they left the premises.

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Although she survived the shot, she remains paralyzed from the chest down.

At the hospital, Webb learned she would become a mother, pregnant with a baby girl.

The robbery is still under investigation.

If you would like to share information on this incident, contact your local authorities or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Hang in there, Ms. Webb.