There’s at least one person who has Fergie’s back.

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The pop star’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” didn’t inspire much patriotism at Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game. In fact, the only remotely positive thing that the jazzy cover seemed to inspire was a series of memes and online jokes. As everyone from Roseanne Barr to Leslie Jones shared their remarks about the performance, one iconic songbird, instead, gave advice to the former Black Eyed Peas singer about how to handle the critics, and that’s to “shake it off.”

TMZ caught up with Mariah Carey after the performance Sunday evening, and when asked if she had any advice for her bad performance, she responded in her true diva fashion: “Darling, nobody needs to listen to that.”

The “Fantasy” singer knows quite a few things about brushing off the haters when it comes to her bad performances. You may recall her disastrous showing at 2017’s ?Dick Clark?s New Year?s Rockin? Eve with Ryan Seacrest,? that ended abruptly after a series of chaotic audio issues and a lackluster display from Carey herself. Viewers, of course, commented:

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After the public ridicule — and a feud with everyone involved with the debacle — Carey was given the chance to redeem herself at the 2018 production and, luckily, she did.


Even with the critics chirping loudly, Carey handled her onstage mishaps with all the confidence in the world — “S**t happens” was her go-to line — which is exactly what Fergie will likely be trying to do in the coming days.

But after some of these reactions, she’ll be needing every tip she can get.

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