Music legend Quincy Jones ran his mouth about everyone, and it came back to bite him

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Quincy Jones speaks onstage during Spotify's Inaugural Secret Genius Awards hosted by Lizzo at Vibiana on November 1, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spotify)

Quincy Jones has been catching quite a bit of flack from his extremely candid interviews, but now he’s finally feeling the error of his ways.

Among the many tidbits he’s revealed and criticisms he’s dished about everyone from Taylor Swift (he’s not a fan) to the Beatles (he called them the “worst musicians in the world“), he announced that late comedian Richard Pryor and late actor Marlon Brando had had an affair, which was echoed by the late comic’s wife Jennifer Lee.

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Jones said, “[Marlon] Brando used to go cha-cha dancing with us. He could dance his ass off. He was the most charming motherf**ker you ever met. He’d f**k anything. Anything! He’d f**k a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.” He also claimed to have dated first daughter Ivanka Trump.

“I used to date Ivanka, you know,” the 84-year-old record producer recently told Vulture, referring to an encounter with Donald Trump’s eldest daughter that he says occurred in 2006.

“Tommy Hilfiger, who was working with my daughter Kidada, said, ‘Ivanka wants to have dinner with you.’ I said, ‘No problem. She’s a fine motherf**ker.’ She had the most beautiful legs I ever saw in my life. Wrong father, though,” Jones confessed.

The outlandish statements that Jones made about people including his collaborators Michael Jackson and Prince, among others was met with equal parts backlash, enthusiasm and shock, but now it seems he’s done talking about other people and their daughters after his own surprised him with an “intervention.”

Jones, who’s behind hits like “Billie Jean” and “We Are The World,” penned a public apology published Thursday saying he’s “learned my lesson.”

“A couple weekends ago, my six daughters … took me aside to do a surprise ‘family intervention’ because of some silly things I’ve said in two recent interviews,” he began. “I’m so grateful for my daughters because they aren’t scared to stand up to their daddy. I am an imperfect human and I’m not afraid to say it. And I’m sorry and I’m not afraid to say it.”

He added, “Even at 85, it’s apparent that ‘wordvomit’ and bad-mouthing is inexcusable” and noted that his comments have “contradicted the very real messages I tried to relay about racism, inequality, homophobia, poverty… you name it.” Jones stated that he’d reached out to friends in private but had the public responsibility of being an “example.”

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Jones continued, in part:

I’m sorry to anyone whom my words offended and I’m especially sorry to my friends who are still here with me and to those who aren’t. These friends are like blood family to me. To my dear family and friends…thank you for your grace. Thank you for calling me out when I’ve clearly made a mistake..many mistakes. Even though sometimes it’s difficult to receive criticism or discipline (especially publicly), I want you to know I hear you.

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