Natalie Portman wowed “SNL” fans with a Millie Bobby Brown impression — and a second rap

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“Saturday Night Live” guest host Natalie Portman tackled a very timely parody during her stint on the Feb. 3 edition of the long-running sketch show.

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Portman played Eleven in a sketch that paid homage to the popular Netflix sci-fi drama “Stranger Things” — and as you can probably imagine, she absolutely nailed it!

Ever since “Stranger Things” made a star out of Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, fans have been drawing comparisons between the child star and the Academy Award winning Portman — who also found fame a young age thanks to her performances in movies like “Léon: The Professional.”

Naturally, “SNL” decided to lean into this comparison.

In the sketch, Portman’s Eleven discovers there are others people with powers, though the abilities of her friends aren’t quite as impressive as hers.

“I can move objects with my mind, but every time I do, I get tiny nosebleed,” she explains to a stranger named Fourteen, who tells her, “I can start fires with my mind, but every time I do, I throw up in my mouth a little.”

Then someone called Nine enters the fray: “I can read people’s minds, but every time I do, I fart a little.”

Eleven meets a few more “gifted” individuals, although each gift is less impressive than the last.

“Alone, you’re freaks, but together we’re a family,” she says.

Later in the episode, Portman unleashed a rap with some help from “SNL” alum Andy Samberg.

“Natalie’s 2nd Rap” dropped 12 years after the actress spat venom about drunk-driving, cheating on Harvard tests and killing dogs in the “Natalie Raps” “SNL” digital short that went viral in March 2006 and also featured Samberg.

“Tide Pods, the only fucking thing I snack on / Black out and go motherfucking ‘Black Swan’ / My brain gone on that fucking Ayahuasca, boy / Tell your tourist parents I’m gonna turn you to a foster boy ” Portman raps.

Then the actress dresses up as her character from the “Star Wars” prequels, Padmé Amidala, points a gun at a fan and snaps, “Say something about the motherfucking prequels, bitch / Say something fucking nice about Jar Jar Binks / Now kiss ’em right on his 17 dicks.”

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