Man Tell Police 'Ghost' Planted Meth On Him and Attacks Him With Ax KFLY

It’s October, things are bound to get a little spooky here and there, and we understand you’re scared. Heck, I’d be terrified if I saw a ghost or even a shadow that isn’t supposed to be there. I get it. But sometimes, there are just things that you can’t explain. Like in this scenario, where a West Monroe man told police a ghost decided to visit his house and plant some drugs on him. I swear I’m not making this up.

According to reports, 59-year-old Michael Auttonberry called 911 saying he had been hit in the head with an ax. Deputies responded to the stabbing complaint at the residence and were met at the front door by Auttonberry. Authorities stated the man was not cooperating and was cursing at them, and at what seemed to be other people who were not in the room. Afraid he would hurt them due to his agitated (and I’m guessing mental) state, police were forced to place handcuffs on the man. After inspection, deputies found that Auttonberry had not been stabbed in the head by an ax, but kept repeating there were intruders in his room urging deputies to search.

Upon searching the room, deputies didn’t find anyone else inside the home but found an open brown paper bag containing approximately 1 gram of suspected methamphetamine in plain view sight on the nightstand.  Deputies also found a labeled pill bottle containing approximately 1 gram of suspected methamphetamine on the man. When questioned, the 59-year-old stated a ghost (Casper, is that you?) or an intruder put the meth on him and was currently climbing the windows nearby trying to escape the deputies.

Auttonberry was immediately arrested and taken to Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Headquarters and booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center on one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, Schedule ll, and one count criminal mischief, giving a false report to police. As for Casper, he’s still on the loose. If you know of his whereabouts, we suggest you contact your local police department ASAP.

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