Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt, Mom Does Beer Hunt for Her Adult Children on Easter

For kids, holidays are rad. They get presents and candy and attention. For adult children — kids aged 18 to 30, typically without children of their own, who are back home to celebrate — the holidays are a countdown to when they can have their first drink. Mimosas exist for a reason.

One certified genius mother decided to accommodate her kids’ needs instead of shaming them for their need to drink all day just to be there. She decided to set up an adult Easter egg hunt for them. Instead of eggs filled with candy and dollar bills, she hid craft beer all over her backyard. The event was, obviously, a complete success.

“I’m Not a Regular Mom; I’m a Cool Mom”

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This is all I want. To walk downstairs on Christmas morning and have my mom say, “Rob I’ve placed drinks all over the house for you. Please enjoy at your own leisure and I promise that at no point will I count how many drinks you’ve had and make low-key comments about how you have a disgusting problem.”

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We’ve seen adult (see also: drunk) versions of children’s games before — like a pinata filled with mini liquor bottles — but this may be the best yet. What other holiday traditions for children can we bastardize with alcohol? Everyone in the office exchanges Valentine’s Day cards with each other but instead of giving out dumb little candy hearts, you give each other beer and shots? An Advent calendar filled with booze? (That already exists, actually). The possibilities are endless.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t end in half the family puking in the backyard. Wait to drink the beers until you’re done running around collecting them. Chugging a beer and then scampering around the backyard is a great way to show everyone how much ham you ate on Christmas Eve.

This story was originally published on March 27, 2019.

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