These Newborns Dressed as Pickles are The Most “Dill-lightful’ Thing You’ll See Today

Be still my heart, I think I am about to pass out from how cute this is. It truly is the most adorable thing I have seen all day! Just look at these little munchkins ready for the annual Picklesburgh Festival! Yes, Pittsburgh has its very own festival dedicated to our favorite mid-day snack…PICKLES!

So, to celebrate with the town this year, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Hospital decided to dress these infants up for the grand event. The pickle festival is a “culinary celebration” that goes beyond the regular dill pickle and includes several international dishes and drinks made of pickles and even has a 350-foot pickle balloon that floats over the city. Dressing up newborns in festival knitted clothes is also a tradition at UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital, who dress up newborns any time they can. Especially during Christmas where newborns receive “not-so-ugly Christmas sweaters.”

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Instead of sweaters this time, the babies were dressed up in a bright green knitted blanket with little bumps, along with adorable tiny matching hats that make them look like tiny dill pickles just in time for the food festival. According to Chris Vistas, director of hospitality and operation, having a baby is stressful enough, so having the ability to enjoy these type of festivals lightens up the mood and increases patient experience.

So, can it be that nurses also use pickles because it’s one of the foods that most pregnant women crave during pregnancy? Well, maybe? But I do know that each newborn who wears a onesie, which reads “Special Dill-ivery,” is treated to a photoshoot for parents, which is a huge bonus. Because who wouldn’t want a picture of that?

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to start a petition demanding all babies be dressed in pickle costumes or anything that matches that time of year. Can you imagine these newborns dressed as tiny round pumpkins? Oh man, baby fever is hitting hard.

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