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Sometimes even a classic needs a little upgrade.

Cinnamon toast is such a comforting food, so simple to make and yet so delicious — which is why we were shocked when we discovered there is a way to improve on the staple.

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This recipe from Raquel Pelzel?s book Toast definitely takes it to the next level. It takes a little extra effort, but its 100% worth it when you take that first bite. Trust us.

Here are the basics:

  • Toast the bread under the oven?s broiler, buttering the toast before you put it in.
  • Make a cinnamon infused simple syrup, which is much easier than it sounds.
  • Brush the simple syrup on to the toast and sprinkle with a classic cinnamon sugar topping.
  • Fry the bread, face down in a pan with butter, until the sugar topping cooks and the crusts start to caramelized. To speed up the cooking, you can place a plate on top of the bread to press it down.

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See, a few extra steps are totally going to be worth the custardy center and caramelized crusts. Give it a try, and be careful not to get addicted.

Find the full recipe on Tasting Table.

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