10 Tips for Traveling While You’re Sick

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You’ve finally made it to your vacation. PTO was approved. Reservations made. Only to find you packed a cold into your carry-on.

Being sick while on vacation is no fun, but here are some tips on dealing with it.

1. Remain calm

While it’s tempting to be frustrated and feel as if your vacation has been spoiled, you should try not to get upset. Getting angry or upset can actually make you sicker. So try to be calm, and be grateful you actually do have some free time to relax.

2. See if you can save some of those vacation days

This is a long shot, but if you have a very worker-friendly job, you might be able to save some of those vacation days by having some of the days you’re sick counted as sick days. It’s a bit of a reach, since you’re already out, but it can’t hurt to ask.

3. Let the guides do the work

If you don’t have the energy to walk around a city, try one of the bus or boat tours. Virtually every city has one, and it’s a way to sit still and still enjoy the scenery. You might consider wearing a face mask during your travel to protect yourself and the other passengers from passing on more germs.

4. Drink water

While it’s always recommended to drink lots of water when you’re sick, it’s especially important if you’re in the extremely dry environments of planes and hotel rooms. Keep the water and decaffeinated tea flowing.

5. Take advantage of the amenities

Any hotel worth its salt will have a good shower system. Luxuriate in a long hot shower to help clear out your sinuses and muscle aches.

If you’ve got a hotel with a sauna, definitely take advantage of that.

6. Bring your own supplies

Trying to decipher a foreign language can be hard enough, but it’s even more complicated when you’re trying to translate drug dosages. Stocking up with a supply of decongestants, ibuprofen, Nyquil tablets  and the like is a good idea.

Go for the tablet forms over the liquids – they won’t break and leak all over your clothes.

7. Recognize the symptoms

Feeling the first hints of a sickness coming on? Immediately start getting more rest, drinking more fluids, washing your hands often, and avoid touching your eyes. You can’t indulge in hand sanitizer enough.

Also, start taking multivitamins, plus Vitamin C and D. Even if you’re sick, these will help you get over it faster.

8. Do your best to stay warm

There’s evidence that exposure to cold temperatures can suppress your immune system, which increases your chances of getting sick. So splurge on that spangly sweatshirt that says “I LOVE NY” – it’s for your own good.

9. See a show

If your cough is under control, go see a show in an IMAX theater or live theater. Lots of entertainment from a comfy chair can be very fulfilling.

If your cough is still persistent, you probably should stick to what you can see on your in-room entertainment, both for your own good and for the good of your fellow theater-goers.

10. Be spoiled

You’ve got a whole team of people who are dedicated to taking care of your needs. So turn on the tube, ask housekeeping for some extra pillows and blankets, and order room service. How often do you get this kind of help when you’re sick?

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