NASA Says Mars has Extraterrestrial Gems That Could Point to Alien Life

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We’re just not going to give up on the idea that there are extraterrestrials among us. And if not among us, out there … somewhere.

No less than NASA is often leading the charge, and it is now shedding light on some new possibilities. Namely, that there may be life on Mars, or perhaps was at some point.

In case you didn’t know, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been hovering over Mars for a little while now, and it just recently made a new discovery. That would be a wealth of opal gems, as relayed by Vice.

So, what do opals have to do with Martians?

Well, it appears researchers believe “that these opals were formed in a vast fluid event in recent Martian geologic history’ that may have made Mars habitable for longer than previously assumed, and perhaps even preserved microbial life in the alien gemstones,” according to Vice.

Life on Mars!

In other words, opals are a source of water, and water is what all beings (at least humans) need to live. So even if there wasn’t life on Mars yet, there could be eventually.

Basically, while the opals may or may not point to life on Mars at the moment, they could indeed survive as part of a life-support network for humans on Mars, scientists said.

“Our new analysis of archival data showed striking similarity between all of the fracture halos we’ve observed much later in the mission,” Travis Gabriel, a research scientist for the United States Geological Survey, said in a statement. “Seeing that these fracture networks were so widespread and likely chock-full of opal was incredible.”

Life on Mars? It may not be a thing at the moment. But sources of water have some believe that it may be, too.

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