Scientists Say Early Life on Mars Died Because of Climate Change

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There is life on Mars, after all. Or at least there was. Maybe?

And if there was, new research suggests it would have been killed off by climate change. Scientists involved in the research say Martian microbes may have doomed themselves — because of the climate on Mars — before they ever really had a chance to take shape.

These are evolutionary scientists who subscribe to the theory that life just randomly came about, including here on Earth. But only the Earthlings were able to survive. Martians, however, never really got off the ground, the scientists say.

So for those of you looking for aliens with big heads, huge eyes and little bodies, it doesn’t sound as if they will arrive from Mars. At least, not if you ask an evolutionist.

Early Mars Life May Have Died Because of Climate Change

As relayed by Science Alert, the new research suggests “that the reason life thrived on Earth and was doomed on Mars is because of the gas compositions of the two planets, and their relative distances from the sun.”

Mars is the next planet over from Earth in relation to the sun.

“Mars was more reliant on a potent fog of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen, to maintain hospitable temperatures for life,” Science Alert wrote.

One of the top researchers said all of this is actually a surprising development.

“The ingredients of life are everywhere in the universe,” study lead author Boris Sauterey, an astrobiologist at the Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France told

“So it’s possible that life appears regularly in the universe. But the inability of life to maintain habitable conditions on the surface of the planet makes it go extinct very fast. Our experiment takes it even a step farther as it shows that even a very primitive biosphere can have a completely self-destructive effect.”

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