These choice baby names rocked the 1960s

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Many people recognize the 1960s as one of the most revolutionary eras in recent history. It was a groovy decade characterized by innovative musicians, technology breakthroughs and transformation in society. If you love The Beatles, like to rock bell-bottom jeans and a lava lamp still ties together your room, you might want to pay homage to this colorful decade by giving your child a name with 1960s flare.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

MooseRoots, a genealogy data site by Graphiq, identified the most popular boys’ and girls’ names of the 1960s from A to Z. Using data from the Social Security Administration, the experts at MooseRoots looked at the name with the highest average frequency per million babies born from 1960-1969. The most common name for every letter of the alphabet, for both genders, is listed in alphabetical order.

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Of course, the names John and Paul stand out as shining examples of star-studded 1960s names, but other names like Heidi and Elizabeth are classy names with a 1960s nod. See if one of these far-out 1960s baby names is right for your little one.

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  • A: Angela and Anthony
  • B: Brenda and Brian
  • C: Cynthia and Charles
  • D: Donna and David
  • E: Elizabeth and Eric
  • F: Frances and Frank
  • G: Gina and Gregory
  • H: Heidi and Henry
  • I: Irene and Ivan
  • J: Jennifer and John
  • K: Karen and Kevin
  • L: Lisa and Larry
  • M: Mary and Michael
  • N: Nancy and Nicholas
  • O: Olga and Oscar
  • P: Patricia and Paul
  • Q: Queen and Quentin
  • R: Robin and Robert
  • S: Susan and Steven
  • T: Tammy and Thomas
  • U: Ursula and Ulysses
  • V: Valerie and Vincent
  • W: Wendy and William
  • X: Xan and Xavier
  • Y: Yvonne and Yancy
  • Z: Zina and Zachary

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