These are the most popular baby names of the 1980s from A to Z

In the 1980s, mixtapes were actual tapes, Pac-Man ruled the arcade and Ferris Bueller won the hearts of many teenagers. Spandex got tighter, hair was bigger and — for some reason — shoulder pads, acid-washed denim and parachute pants were a thing.

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Many people look back at the 1980s with fond nostalgia. Some may go so far as to choose a name for their baby that harkens back to this colorful decade.

MooseRoots, a genealogy data site by Graphiq, found the most popular baby names from the 1980s for each letter of the alphabet. Using data from the Social Security Administration, the experts at MooseRoots looked each boys’ and girls’ name with the highest average frequency per million over the entire decade (1980-1989).

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If you have friends who were born in the 1980s, there’s a good chance their name appears on this list. From Olivia to Kevin, these names are the bomb diggity.

  • A: Andrew and Amanda
  • B: Brian and Brittany
  • C: Christopher and Christina
  • D: David and Danielle
  • E: Eric and Elizabeth
  • F: Frank and Felicia
  • G: Gregory and Gina
  • H: Henry and Heather
  • I: Ian and Irene
  • J: Joshua and Jessica
  • K: Kevin and Kimberly
  • L: Luis and Lauren
  • M: Michael and Melissa
  • N: Nicholas and Nicole
  • O: Oscar and Olivia
  • P: Patrick and Patricia
  • Q: Quentin and Quiana
  • R: Robert and Rachel
  • S: Steven and Sarah
  • T: Thomas and Tiffany
  • U: Ulysses and Ursula
  • V: Victor and Vanessa
  • W: William and Whitney
  • X: Xavier and Xiomara
  • Y: Yoel and Yolanda
  • Z: Zachary and Zoe

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