The ‘Kyle Little Green Men Days Festival’ Is an American Towns Tribute to Aliens

Over the years many people have claimed to see UFOs in Kelly, Kentucky. Ever since 1995, the town hosts their famous Kelly Little Green Men Day Festival, which involves you guessed it, Aliens. This after several residents back in the day reported seeing “unidentifiable” creatures and lights at several rural farmhouses. Think of it kind of like the movie “Aliens,” but without Mel Gibson in it or those weird tin foil hats.

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The encounter is one of the most significant and well-documented cases in the history of the United States of UFO incidents. While skeptics believe the reports of the UFO’s were definitely false, the town has sure found a way to keep the memory of the incident alive, by celebrating it every year.

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

It all began on  August 21, 1955, in Kelly, Kentucky. While hanging on the Sutton farmhouse, Billy Ray Taylor saw a bright object that he believed to be a flying saucer shoot from the sky to the ground. He and the Sutton family spent “hours” that night shooting rifles at the dark figures that allegedly had large heads, eyes, long arms, and hand that resemble claws later dubbed a “Hopkinsville Goblin”.

The men claimed they were shooting at “twelve to fifteen” short, dark figures that popped at their doorway and peered into their windows. So, obviously being terrified, they decided to go down to their local police station and ask for help, telling cops that aliens were attacking them. The men described the aliens as two feet to four feet tall, with eyes that glowed yellow along with spindly legs.

Kentucky New Era, Aug. 22, 1955

Authorities from nearby Hopkinsville police station, deputies, reporters and military police showed up on the scene upon hearing about the shootings and sighting. Unfortunately, they didn’t find anything to support the families’ claims. No tracks, no small alien creatures, or marks that validated a spaceship having landed anywhere in the area.

The subsequent headline in the Kentucky New Era read “Story of Space-Ship, 12 Little Men Probed Today.” From then on, what happened that day was known as the Kelly Incident. But as the skeptics believe, there are rumors that the Kelly Incident was only part of the ideation for the movie E.T

Kelly Little Green Men Days Festival

So, this is where the Kelly Little Green Men Day Festival came to light. For decades the “Kelly Incident” has been celebrated by the community members for four days where there is a “real” UFO, a full day of live music, alien costume contests, book signings, and vendors selling thousands of goods.

This year will be the 64th year of the annual festival to celebrate the alien encounter and will take place at the Kelley Station Park located at 7490 Old Madisonville Road. The festival will have a “floating” spaceship and a reenactment of the shootout at a local theatre called “The Invasion fo Kelly!” This year, the festival will take place August 16 through the 17th, and the best part about it is that is free for all!

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