A ‘Heat’ Prequel Is Coming And Al Pacino Knows Who He Wants To Play His Younger Self

Heat 2 is coming soon— in the form of a book. Variety reports that author and director Michael Mann is getting ready to release a prequel/sequel installment of the crime drama August 9. When asked about the possibility of Heat 2 being turned into a film and who should play his younger character, Lt. Vincent Hanna, Al Pacino said he knew exactly who should play the part.

Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and producer Art Linson were present at a Q&A panel at the Tribeca Film Festival. They were commemorating Heat’s 25th anniversary. The festival had a two year hiatus due to COVID, with Variety reporting lines around the block to see the event.

Pacino brought up Timothée Chalamet. “I mean, he’s a wonderful actor,” he quipped. “Great looks.”

Chalamet bears a striking resemblance to Pacino.

Chalamet is 26 and was the youngest Academy Award nominee for best actor in nearly 80 years—back in 2017.

Mann’s novel, Heat 2, is about the life events before and after the timeline in Heat. Robert De Niro’s character and villain, Neil McCauley, and Pacino’s character, Lt. Hanna, will star in the storyline. Whether or not there will actually be a film adaptation is not yet known, but it seems that the idea is certainly being tossed around.

When asked about the possibility of Heat 2 being filmed in Hollywood today, Linson replied that he thought it could.

“I mean, a lot of worse movies than Heat are made now, so why couldn’t Heat be made now?”

Heat 2: “Doable” But “Hard”

Pacino added that it could be done but it would be “hard.” He pointed out that Netflix successfully pulled off The Irishman. “I would think that Netflix, Amazon or one of them could make a big picture like Heat and they’d be willing to do it also,” he said.

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