Drew Barrymore Was Upset When She Met Hugh Grant: ‘Grumpy Old Man’

Barrymore had a rough time finding a rhythm with Grant in their rom-com ‘Music and Lyrics.’

Actress Drew Barrymore and actor Hugh Grant pose at the press conference of 'Music And Lyrics', at the Dorchester Hotel on January 25, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

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Drew Barrymore had a rough time finding a rhythm with Hugh Grant in their beloved 2007 rom-com Music and Lyrics.

Barrymore recently disclosed that Grant came seemed like a “grumpy old man” when they met before shooting the movie.

After a sweet interview with Grant on her talk show in May, Barrymore chatted more about him in a bonus clip.

“Hugh and I did not date — not even a little,” Barrymore clarified in the clip, which appeared online late last month. “I was so upset, because when I met him, it turns out he’s totally a grumpy old man. And you’re like, ‘Wait, no, you’re Hugh Grant. You’re supposed to be like the dashing rom-com guy. What’s going on?’ And then you fall for the real Hugh, and he’s the greatest guy ever. I loved him so much. He is so wonderful.”

Drew Barrymore’s Interview With Rom-Com Co-Star Hugh Grant

Meanwhile, Barrymore shared her affection for her co-star when she interviewed Grant a few months ago.

He recalled receiving a letter from Barrymore, whom he hadn’t yet met, during “the dark days” of his sex scandal with prostitute Divine Brown.

“I was a grown-up idiot who got caught by the police. I was back in England with 5,000 members of the press around the borders of my farm,” he recalled. “And I opened a letter from you that was very supportive and nice. … I thought, ‘I love Drew Barrymore.’ Words of support from an actress I didn’t know in Hollywood was lovely. You’ll always have a place in my heart.”

In response, Drew Barrymore said she could relate to Hugh Grant’s situation.

“Whether it’s an actor or politician or anything in between, we expect people to be infallible, perfect, never flawed,” Barrymore said. “And, God forbid, we do anything in our personal lives that we’d like to remain personal, but we don’t have that privilege at a certain point because the cat gets let out of the bag. You were just the most charming human.”

Barrymore did slide in some criticism of Grant, albeit gently.

“You can be a bit of a curmudgeon from time to time,” she said. “And I’m, of course, like a Labrador in heat.”

They both agreed that, while their pairing in Music and Lyrics seemed odd at first, their different personalities actually created “chemistry” between them.

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