Did You Know Natalie Portman Owns a Sports Team?

It’s true: The renaissance woman co-founded a new female soccer team that just broke a record in its first season on the field.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Celebrity. Political activist. Animal rights activist. Environmental activist. Harvard graduate. Guest lecturer at Columbia University. Oscar and Golden Globe Award winner. Thor’s flame.

Oh, and let’s not forget: The world’s highest-paying actress. And also: sports team owner.

Wait, sports team owner?


Natalie Portman’s Other Career Field

Portman co-founded Angel City FC (ACFC) in July 2020 with venture capitalists and a soccer team executive. They became the latest addition to the National Women’s Soccer League last year and enjoyed the second-best on-field record of any expansion team in league history.

As CBS noted, ACFC is the biggest female-owned club in pro sports.

“ACFC isn’t just another football club; it’s a mission-driven organization with impact built into its business structure,” reads the About section of the organization’s website. “Under the club’s unique sponsorship model, 10 percent of each corporate partner’s contribution goes to a community organization.

“Since its inception, the club has been forming deep roots in the LA community through its outreach and impact work, which includes initiatives in education, food security, sports equity, LGBTQ+ and gender equality, and more,” the informational section reads.

Why Soccer, Natalie?

Portman spoke with ESPN two years ago to elaborate on her interest in ACFC and how she hopes to bring women’s soccer to “prime time” viewing.

The reporter called Natalie Portman “the godmother of this team.” Also participating in the effort are Eva Longoria, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Garner, Jon Hamm, and Serena Williams.

Portman said now-retired soccer player Abby Wambach’s story and dedication to the sport inspired her to strengthen ACFC’s vision even further.

“She was talking about her experience … being this virtuosic player at the top of the game in the most popular sport in the world,” Portman recalled. “And not being compensated on any scale close to their male counterparts.”

“Sports are so crucial to our culture, especially in the United States,” Portman said. “We have the best players in the world in the most popular sport in the world. … It’s an underutilized resource that we have. And also, what a culture shift it would be if we could amplify the existing talent and be like, ‘This needs to be on primetime.’”

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