Lina Esco Has Fans Searching For Clues To Her ‘S.W.A.T’ Future

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Videos by Rare

Some S.W.A.T. viewers are convinced Lina Esco’s time on the show is coming to an end.

Since 2017, Esco has played the role of officer Christina “Chris” Alonso, becoming a central character and favorite among fans. Interest in the show may be at an all-time high thanks to her long-awaited romance with her colleague, James Street, played by Alex Russell.

So is Esco leaving the show? At the moment, it’s unclear.

But based on events of the most recent episode of the action drama, fans think there are several clues that her character’s story is coming to an end.

According to Newsweek, in Episode 20, Chris quit S.W.A.T., to take over the safe house. She told Street she had just two weeks left as part of the SWAT Team.

Additionally, if Chris was to take over the safe house, it would allow for her relationship with Street to potentially progress. On the one hand, it could grant her a perfect exit storyline and on the other, a reason to step back from the show but appear in a smaller capacity in future episodes.

When Chris broke the news to Street that she was leaving S.W.A.T., he immediately saw the opportunity for them to make their relationship work, but Chris was quick to shut it down…for now.

Meanwhile, no comment from Esco’s representatives or CBS on her future with the show.

This isn’t the first time fans have been concerned about the future of Chris on S.W.A.T.

Back in April 2021, fans feared Chris would be the next original character to leave the show, especially after she was shot at the end of Season 3. Then, in Season 4 her close colleague Erika (Lyndie Greenwood) was killed in the eighth episode. At the time, the arrival of medic Nora Fowler (Norma Kuhling) had fans worrying she would be replacing Chris. Thankfully, this turned out not to be the case.

With only two episodes left in the current season, fans will soon find out if Chris will really be leaving S.W.A.T. The season finale airs Sunday, May 22.

The episode is titled “Farewell.” Foreshadowing, perhaps? Fans sure hope not.

Either way, CBS certainly knows how to keep fans on pins and needles.

“No one talk to me until a swat writer gives me a confirmation that lina esco is in fact in season 6,” one fan tweeted.

“Everybody knows how chris’ character is loved by fans!! So i don’t think they’ll get rid of her, they would be crazy. The only reason to say bye to chris could be lina esco’s decision to leave the show, and in this case, we should respect her decision. No other options. #stris,” another fan wrote.

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