Meghan McCain Blasts Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Starvation Diet’

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Meghan McCain is at it again, saying Gwyneth Paltrow appears “much older than her 50 years,” and she believes the actress’ “starvation diet” is to blame. In a Daily Mail column on Friday, the former co-host of The View criticized Paltrow, describing her as “bad, tired, and haggard.”

McCain, who stated that she rarely comments on other women’s appearances, went on to say Paltrow’s wellness routine was a “cult” and criticized the Oscar winner for looking “washed-out.” “Her life sounds like a living hell,” she wrote.

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Videos by Rare

“Nothing about her day sounds nourishing or fulfilling,” she stated. “The laser focus on ‘wellness’ seems obsessive and, quite frankly, unwell.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wellness Routine

McCain went on to analyze the controversial habits that the actress discussed in an episode of the “Art of Being Well” podcast on Monday. Along with discussing her intermittent fasts and IV drips, the mom of two disclosed that she has bone broth for lunch and paleo meals for dinner.

“This sounds horrific. … If what she’s selling is wellness, then I want no part of it,” McCain noted, labeling the Goop creator “wacky and elitist.”

The former The View host slammed Paltrow for “broadcasting” her lifestyle to her follows and then “selling it” on Goop’s website.

“There is a growing awareness of eating disorders in American culture,” McCain stated. “Paltrow is justifiably being torn apart by commentators, doctors and nutritionists alike for promoting a lifestyle that doesn’t provide enough calories to maintain a healthy diet.”

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