Multiple Reports Leave Fans Confused About Marc Anthony Concert Cancellation, Health

Conflicting reports are circulating on Marc Anthony’s last-minute concert cancellation Wednesday night.

The top-selling tropical salsa artist of all time and three-time Grammy winner was scheduled to appear at Rommel Fernández Stadium in Panama City, Panama as part of his Pa’lla Voy tour.

Concert-goers were in the stadium waiting for Anthony to make his entrance, but he never went on stage.

Eco TV Panama reported that, according to information given on the loudspeakers at the stadium, Anthony suffered an “accident” in the dressing room and, due to medical recommendation, he would not appear for the concert.   It’s the second time the tour’s Panama date has been canceled.

But Blanca Lasalle, Anthony’s public relations spokesperson, reported Thursday morning that Anthony’s suffered an accident on some stairs when he was “preparing for his departure to said concert.”

On Tuesday, the 53-year-old shared a video on his Instagram page alongside girlfriend Nadia Ferreira, dancing along to Juan Luis Guerra’s music in the car, as he was getting hyped for his Panama show.

Anthony’s team later issued this statement to Billboard: “Marc Anthony had to postpone his concert in Panama last night due to an accident on some stairs when he was preparing to appear on stage.  The mishap caused complications in his back, which prevented him from performing live.  He was transferred to Miami to be treated by his specialists. We thank all the medical personnel in Panama who immediately gathered to offer their care and all the fans who were present for the long-awaited concert.”

The conflicting reports for the explanation of the show’s cancellation could simply be miscommunication or just a simple misunderstanding, but it raises eyebrows nonetheless.

The statement added that a new Panama concert date will be announced at a later date.

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