People Claim There Was a Massive Coal Fire That Damaged the Titanic Before it Hit Iceberg

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Something had to sink the Titanic, though it seems no one is really sure what. So some people suspect it was the sort of thing no one wanted in their stocking for Christmas. That would be none other than coal.

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As relayed by Smithsonian, a coal fire may have indeed played a role in the Titanic’s demise. In fact, that entire theory was made into a show, entitled Titanic: The New Evidence.

New Evidence is centered on Irish journalist Senan Molony and his argument that “the hull of the infamous ship was compromised weeks before it set sail.” This is according to a description of the show.

“Through researching photos and eyewitness testimony from the time, Molony contends that a fire spontaneously lit inside one of the Titanic’s enormous coal bunkers and critically weakened a crucial segment of the ship’s hull,” the description goes on to read.

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Interestingly, modern ships consist of two hulls. The Titanic had just one.

Molony’s research for his theory involves old photographs of the ship, many of which documented the ship’s construction and preparations for its maiden voyage. The pictures were actually purchased from a descendant of someone involved with the Titanic, and according to Smithsonian, had been sitting in an attic.

One of the pictures depicted a 30-foot-long black streak on the outside of the ship’s hull, near where the iceberg struck its starboard side.

“We asked some naval architects what this could be, and nobody knew and everybody was intrigued,” Molony said, via Smithsonian. “The best suggestion at the time was that this was a reflection.” 

So it set out to determine other potential causes.

“Just because an official finding says it, doesn’t make it true,” Molony said.

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  1. I have heard that in April 1912 there was a coal strike which prevented the full coaling of Titanic. If I understand correctly White Star Line took coal from other ships to fill Titanic. I wonder if some of that coal was actually burning when it was taken from other ships, and that’s what started the coal fire in Titanic’s coal bunker. Since the coal bunkers were right next to the hull, it could have weakened the integrity of the hull.

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