Insane Footage Shows Cop Narrowly Escaping Hit and Run While Conducting Traffic Stop

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This is why drivers should slow down when there’s ice on the road. Insane video footage of a cop narrowly escaping a hit-and-run on an Ohio highway will make you think twice about speeding this winter.

Footage Shows Truck Spin Out of Control, Totally Wreck Cop Car

The video was captured by the officer’s dash cam and provided to Cleveland 19 News.

An officer from the Willoughby Police Department was talking with a driver who had already crashed. They were on Route 2 on Christmas Day. A white sedan was pulled over on the side of the road and the officer had parked his cruiser right behind her.

Luckily, the officer had turned to face oncoming traffic while he and the other driver were waiting for help. But then you can see him looking concerned. Footage from the cop’s dash cam captured the cop looking in the distance and almost moving further from the road. He second-guesses himself and stays. Then he runs away as far and fast as possible.

A speeding Toyota Tundra had completely lost control on the black ice. We don’t see it until it’s crashing into the police cruiser and barreling away. The Toyota driver did end up pulling over, though.

Luckily, No One Was Hurt in the Crash

No one was hurt. But a spokesperson for the Willoughby Police Department said that was a combination of luck and forethought. He said the cop had parked his cruiser at an angle to provide a bit of protection just in case something like this happened. He probably didn’t think he’d actually get hit, though!

Also fortunate was the fact that the woman in the white sedan was unharmed. It appeared that her passenger window was down as metal debris went flying everywhere. The Toyota driver was also reportedly unharmed.

The spokesperson for the WPD took the opportunity to remind the public to drive cautiously in icy conditions. They added that it’s best to pull over and wait on the side of the road if you have an accident.

Black ice can occur at the bare minimum freezing temperature of 32 degrees. It’s especially common on roads that may get sunlight and higher temperatures during the day, and then later freeze at night.

If you’re unsure of whether there is ice on the road, please just play it safe. Incidents like these could get a lot worse and spinning out of control could kill a pedestrian or a cop!

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