‘Mayans M.C.’ Brings Back ‘SoA’ Veteran For First Time Since Series Ended

That’s right, Mayans M.C. closed its fourth season with a major callback as Kim Coates was back as Alexander ‘Tig’ Trager. Coates has not been part of the franchise since Sons of Anarchy went off the air in 2014.

Coates shared a scene in the finale with fellow SoA vet, Emilio Rivera, who plays Marcus Alvarez on Mayans.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In the episode, Alvarez traveled to L.A to meet with Tig and discuss the forever ongoing “Sons vs. Mayans” rivalry. Tig let Alvarez in on what seemed to be a secret to him, that the war between the two had nothing to do with a logical storyline that the Mayans were on the Sons’ turf. It was written so that they could tie in a bartender — Jess, played by Grace Rizzo — bringing kutte to the Sons after discovering it on Mayan property. Cleeeeearly….

This sudden and silly news did not pay off with any additional detail in the episode, meaning it is likely an intentional cliffhanger as the show has not yet been renewed for a fifth season.

“This scene was like two old warriors who have known each other for so long now,” Coates told GameSpot. “And it’s really ironic that it’s come to this again.”

Coates said that he was not going to create a fan fiction for what Tig has been up to in the years since Sons ended, but he said that the showrunners had it all figured out and let him know before the shoot.

“I needed to know where Tig was coming from and where it’s going and what is kind of happening,” Coates continued with GameSpot. “So I got a nice big overview from Elgin as to what was happening.

Coates became the latest Sons star to appear on Mayans, following a parade of the aforementioned Vargas, Rivera, as well as Michael Ornstein, Ray McKinnon, David Labrava, Ivo Nandi, and Tommy Flanagan.

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  1. Mayans had better be renewed!! I loved the SOA of course, however I love learning about the inner workings of Mayans. There is just to much unseen and undone for them to just disappear. Keep writing Kurt….your wonderful! I’d also love to see, one of these days, a grown up Abel and Thomas in SOA. It’s in their blood. Why fight it.

    • Bro Kurt got fired for banging a broad. It’s Elgin writing. He’s only in credits because he owns rights to the show. Fx doesn’t let him be involved, at all. Mayans is pretty garbage. I watched some of this season just because it’s the only show about mc culture.

  2. Put Mayans down! Watched every episode, and the last two or three had nothing to offer but senseless murder of rivals and innocents alike. Not more than two or three characters remaining in show that even warrant another breath. What a bunch of fir shit writing.

    • Bro yk what’s hilarious. People really think Kurt’s writing this garbage, and are applauding him for it. Like bro. Foo got the show takes from him in the first season. Y’all don’t even understand what we’re missing out on with first 9. Fx and his relationship is absolutely in shambles. Fx would rather let the universe die then work with kurt again. Kurt and fx own the rights but neither one can do anything unless the other sells. Fx is not gonna let it go, and it’s a goddamn shame. #fx’sceocansuckmyharleylovingcock

  3. I really dig “MAYANS” & SOA was awesome! I really would love to see where Thomas & Abel stand as teenagers or grown ass men! Kurt Sutter U are a dynamite dig dip writer & should be damn PROUD of ur body of work!!! 🤘 U also married a smart, talented & damn smoking 🔥hot Lady Katey Segal! Right On to U both & I too don’t play well with others! Keep singing Kate….love ur voice.✌️💖

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