Kristen Bell Keeps Speaking ‘Frozen 3’ Into Existence

Kristen Bell just announced Frozen 3 while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon—but then she said she can’t actually do that. It’s left fans including Jimmy Fallon super confused as to whether there’s a third film in the works. Kristen Bell plays the voice of Princess Anna, so it’s pretty much like Princess Anna making an announcement.

Frozen 3? Can we announce anything?” asked Fallon.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“I would… like to officially announce, with zero authority…Frozen 3,” responded Bell, while high hats and drums rolled in the background.

Fallon nearly jumped out of his seat at this point, exclaiming, “WOW!”

“Please bear in mind I did say ‘Zero Authority’ because I can’t do that,” Bell corrected.

“Yeah, you can’t announce it,” agreed Fallon.

“I can’t do that,” Bell repeated. “No, I’m not in charge.”

Was she just toying with everyone’s emotions?

That same day prior to going on The Tonight Show, Bell said she’d do Frozen 3 “in a heartbeat” while appearing on Good Morning America.

And then, just to confuse everyone even more, her response to Fallon’s prodding about “something maybe in the works and maybe happening, maybe,” was this:

“Well, you know,” she coyly says. “I’ll keep it mysterious.”

Bell elaborated that Idina said she’d definitely do a Frozen 3, and so “if we’re all in… what are we waiting for? We want it. Let’s do it.”

For clarification, Idina Menzel plays the voice of Princess Elsa.

It’s quite possible that Bell was making an unofficial announcement while on a secretive and confusing PR mission to get everyone riled up. Or, she could have just been hoping that if she speaks about Frozen 3 enough, she can speak it into existence.

The first two films in the franchise were major blockbuster hits, with revenue exceeding $14.5 Billion so far since 2013. So, it’s definitely possible that we could see another one soon.

Watch Kristen Bell tease and confuse the world while talking to Jimmy Fallon in the clip below.

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