Remembering When Roger Ebert Lost His Mind Over Tom Green’s ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ (Video)

The year was 2001, and comedian Tom Green had just released one of the most controversial movies of the last 20 years. The film starred Green, and was entitled ‘Freddy Got Fingered‘. Universally panned by critics, the film has become somewhat of a cult classic as time has progressed.

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‘Freddy Got Fingered’ is off-the-wall, abstract, and certainly politically incorrect. In 2001, the world was simply not ready for Tom Green… especially Roger Ebert.

On his movie review show Ebert and Roeper in 2001, Ebert lost his mind over the film ‘yFreddy Got Fingered‘. He referred to Tom Green’s character as an ‘obnoxious retard’. He hilariously panned the movie, becoming outraged at the over-the-top comedic scenes in the film.

I guess Roger Ebert never got a Lebaron!

Ebert can be quoted as saying about the film, “What is the most disgusting film of 2001? In a field that includes See Spot Run, Monkeybone, Tomcats, and Joe Dirt, so that we got some great contenders, the champion is Freddy Got Fingered… With Tom Green making David Spade look like Jim Carrey, and Jim Carrey look like Laurence Oliver”

“This movie pays no rent at all. On TV we can’t show you the scene where Green swings a newborn baby around his head by its umbilical cord, or two scenes involving the sexual organs of a stallion, and a bull elephant, or when he skins a deer and runs around wearing its bloody carcass, or any of the jokes about child abuse” Ebert scorned.

The contempt in his voice is probably the funniest part of this whole clip. Say what you want about Tom Green, but he made the movie to try and make people laugh. He attempted to make people laugh, and Roger Ebert is so angry about it that he can’t help but call his character a retard.

Richard Roeper even adds that Tom Green should be ‘flipping burgers’, to which Ebert agrees. I guarantee you that Tom Green absolutely loved this review.

See Ebert and Roeper hilariously freaking out over ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ below…

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