There’s finally some good news for the pair of Garden State newlyweds whose dream wedding ended in tears after the bride had a nasty allergic reaction to the ceremonial cake which left her hospitalized — they’re about to get a free do-over!

Bride Victoria Tumolo was dancing the night away at her reception back in September when she she noticed a change in her breathing patterns. Luckily, Victoria’s career as a nurse meant that she was prepared for such a situation, and she quickly realized what was happening.

“You need to get my parents,” she told the guests. “I think I have to go to the hospital.”

The next thing she knew, her father was administering an EpiPen through her wedding dress, according to the Courier Post.

“I had to take my dress off outside so they wouldn’t cut it off me when we got to the hospital,” Victoria Tumolo said, adding that her new husband, Dominic, and her mother removed her dress together.

“I didn’t really panic,” groom Dominic told FOX 29. “I just wanted to make sure the ambulance got there and got everyone settled and then go to the hospital.”

“I wanted everyone to stay and have a good time,” Victoria said. “There was a lot of confusion, and some people knew what was going on.”

Victoria later discovered that she was allergic to milk and almonds, but the symptoms of her allergy only appear after strenuous physical activity — like dancing.

Luckily, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the not-so happy couple. Their caterer, Jim Auletto, teamed up with the owner of the company that provided the entertainment for the reception to offer them a complimentary do-over — a free second reception!

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“This is driving me crazy; she didn’t get to cut her cake” Auletto told FOX 29. “It never happened before, so we have to do something.”


So Auletto emailed the couple and asked them if they’d be interested in a second reception, at no charge.

“[Victoria] just started crying because she was so happy,” Dominic said. “We called her parents to let them know the good news.”

Hair and make-up professionals have also volunteered to help the bride out at no cost, and the wedding photographer has also offered their services free of charge.


The couple is excited to finally cut their wedding cake together, but Dominic admitted that, at this point, they have a few unorthodox ideas regarding the tradition.

“I’m thinking of cutting that cake and smashing it in her face,” Dom joked. “We’ve been trash talking like that for a while.”

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