A sorority recorded themselves singing a Kanye West song, but there’s one huge problem

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Warning: This video contains racial slurs.

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Sorority members at the University of New Hampshire are the subject of a school probe after a video of them singing the n-word was posted online.

One member took a video of the sorority dancing to and singing along with Kanye West’s “Gold Digger.” The video, which was uploaded by a campus watch group called All Eyes on UNH, showed the sorority singing the n-word in the song. The girls are currently not facing disciplinary action.

“The students have apologized and will play an active role in working to improve our campus culture as we move forward,” said UNH Director of Media Relations Erika Kratz. “The university has a strong commitment to the First Amendment. We also have an obligation and a role to play in helping students understand how their words and actions might impact other members of our community and we will continue to work to ensure every member of our community feels respected.”

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Dean of Students John Kirkpatrick wrote the following statement:

The use of that word runs counter to our values. Moreover, it is a word that diminishes members of our community. The posting has been reported to the national chapter. Both the university and the national chapter are investigating this matter.

As spectators continue to argue over the incident, the video follows a long list of incidents at the college.

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