A teen challenged a man with a gun to shoot him — it was the last thing he ever did

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A car crash in Minnesota ended with the unnecessary taking of a life after two involved in the crash confronted each.

KTTC reports that Muhammed Rahim, 17, and Alexander Weiss, 25, crossed paths in Rochester when one car hit the other. Rahim lost control of his vehicle, slid across the road and crashed into a ditch, reports the Rochester Post-Bulletin. He nearly hit Weiss’ car in the process, but Weiss managed to take control of his car and avoid damage.

It was when Rahim attempted to back out of the ditch, however, that he collided with Weiss’ vehicle.

Rahim got out of his car to confront Weiss, who was described as wanting to fight.

Noah Dukart, Riley Bongiorno, and a third person were passengers in Rahim’s vehicle when the events transpired. Dukart and Bongiorno remembered seeing their friend walk out of the vehicle and go up to Weiss.

“My friend got out and confronted him, and the guy who we hit wanted to fight and my friend got in his face. Then the guy we hit pulled a gun out and my friend said, ‘I dare you,’ and he shot him right in the heart, and I watched him bleed out,” Dukart said.

Weiss shot Rahim in the heart with a handgun he had in his possession legally.

Bongiorno said she tried to put pressure on the wound, but she “could just see in his eyes that he wasn’t coming back.”

Weiss was arrested after the incident and was charged with second-degree murder, per a Wednesday report from WCCO.

Olmstead County Sheriff’s Office

“There is a self-defense claim being made by [the other driver] at this time, that he was in fear and that’s why he shot the victim,” explained Police Capt. John Sherwin.

Authorities say a white woman in her 30s driving a newer red SUV was in the area at the time of the shooting. They are currently searching for her.

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