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Video of a man whose fury over not being served sushi quickly enough manifested itself into aggressive racism is making the rounds on Twitter. It is both hilarious and sad. Let’s watch!

The story behind the video is pretty straightforward. A guy went into a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles on Mother’s Day. There was a wait, because of course there was. The man didn’t believe there was a wait, however, because a) he was apparently completely unfamiliar with the concept of reservations, and b) he didn’t see people literally waiting in line outside the restaurant, so how could there be a wait?

Naturally, the man’s next move was to start accusing everyone around him of being stupid peasant losers before they figured out that’s exactly what he is. This plan backfired spectacularly.

At that point, the man began to flail and scream because he is big and strong and important and not enough people were acknowledging this. He was Dodge Stratus’ing real hard. Then, from somewhere off camera, a gentleman (who is apparently black) told Dr. Big Penis to “get the fuck out” of the restaurant. The angry man needed sushi so badly that in the interest of time he decided to skip the formalities and just went straight to shouting super racist stuff at the black guy, calling him “Monkey Man” and imitating a monkey.

Because this is the only sushi restaurant in the greater Los Angeles metro area the angry man was well aware that if he wanted to eat some uncooked fish he was going to have to fight for his right to do so. Against the very people denying him his right: The restaurant employees Random black customers.

He tried as much, but one lady in particular was not in the mood for any of it. So she punched the man in the face five times, as should be tradition.

Here’s the video:

The customer who recorded the video on his phone while taking his mom out to what is, unfortunately, probably the most memorable Mother’s Day lunch of her life now, explained the situation on Twitter.

This is the video from moments before the man’s tirade, when he first proposes his, “If a line can’t be seen, I get to be racist and mean” argument.

The man received four citations from the police and the awesome woman who punched his dumb face received one (that will hopefully be dropped).

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