Officer Bodycam Footage Shows Insane, Daring California Wildfire Rescue From Inside the Inferno

PARADISE, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California sheriff’s office released harrowing body camera footage of a deputy who was nearly overrun by flames as he helped with evacuations the night the deadly Camp Fire swept through Paradise.

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Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Parmley was searching for a group of stranded nurses when he was forced to abandon his vehicle and continue the search on foot surrounded by flames.

As smoke blackened the sky, Parmley activated his body camera thinking it would capture the last moments of his life. He found the nurses and they set off on foot on the ember-lined road.

The deputy spotted a bulldozer in the distance, used his flashlight to flag down it down, and the driver took them to safety.

The Camp Fire killed at least 88 people.

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