Dog Serial Killer: 44 Dogs Found in Freezer and It Gets Even Worse from There


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

New Jersey State Police have arrested a 65-year-old woman after 44 dogs were found dead in freezers and more than 100 more living in filth inside her home. Donna Roberts from Shamong Township is facing charges for allegedly keeping all the animals in deplorable and inhumane conditions in and around her house in Oakshade Road.

Detectives responded to the residence to assist the Burlington County Health Department with an inspection. When officers arrived, they saw evidence of animal cruelty inflicted upon various dogs of different breeds on the property.

Authorities stated the odor of animal feces and ammonia was said to permeate the inside of the residence, causing several responders to experience nausea and dizziness. Detectives discovered 130 dogs living in squalor along with 44 deceased dogs that were packed in plastic bags and stored in freezers throughout the residence.

Four of the dogs found were in critical condition and had to be transported to an emergency veterinary clinic. The remaining dogs were evaluated and treated at the scene by animal shelter workers. Authorities stated the “deplorable and inhumane” living condition the rescued dogs were forced to endure is tragic and still remains under investigation.

Roberts was charged with animal cruelty and released with a pending court date.  Roberts claimed the animals found were all stillborn and she forgot about them after putting them in bags and storing them in the freezer seven years ago. The reason behind it? She claimed this is what breeders do when dogs die.

According to the terrible horrible woman, she and her boyfriend planned on sending the animals to a veterinary in Alabama to be autopsied but claims the animal corpses simply “slipped her mind”. She was known to raise a variety of breeds including Labrador, Coonhounds, Boston terrier mixes, and Havanese.

Alright, I’m putting this woman in the “What the hell were you psychopath!?” category. Honestly, this is just devastating. STOP HURTING ANIMALS, PEOPLE. I wonder what was going on in this woman’s head, she clearly has to have mental issues, so I hope someone tests the level of competence. Who would purposely kill 44 dogs and store them in a freezer thinking that it was a normal thing to do. God knows what she was actually going to do with them. I seriously don’t understand people these days.

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