Montel Williams shocks his fans by ripping the Duggars apart on Facebook

Former talk show host and motivational speaker Montel Williams continued his public criticism of the Duggar family in the wake of revelations that son Josh Duggar molested his two little sisters.

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Williams, who frequently appears on Fox News and is regarded as a positive figure among many core conservatives, has ruffled feathers in recent days by not pulling punches on the “19 Kids and Counting” family.

In a post to Facebook, Williams went on about recent interviews that members of the family had given to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

“After watching the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar interview, I’m just stunned. They are in denial,” Williams wrote.

He did say that he understands the insane place they have been put in as parents.

Nevertheless Williams believes the Duggars have already tried to capitalize on the heartbreak of their daughters.

“There is something very sinister beneath the surface – these are people who basically said they thought they could be as preachy as they wanted because the records were sealed, these are people who seemingly minimize what happened in their home and essentially sent a message to their daughters to smile, nod and forgive,” Williams wrote.

“Nothing about these people is real. Nothing about these people isn’t hypocritical,” he added.

Though many of his fans agreed with him, Williams found himself having to defend himself to his Facebook followers, reminding them that he would only discuss the Duggars on Facebook and would not speak of them on TV.

In a reply to one fan’s criticism, Williams got to the core of the mindset of many people on Facebook.

“You just don’t like what I said,” Williams wrote. “If I were defending them, you’d be my biggest cheerleader. That’s the problem.”

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