Juli Briskman found that she had supporters in her corner after she was fired for flipping off a motorcade belonging to none other than President Donald Trump.

The 50-year-old marketing executive was riding her bicycle on the side of the road when Trump’s motorcade rolled by. The president was traveling from his golf course in Sterling, Virginia. Briskman put her middle finger up in the air to let the passing members of the administration know exactly how she felt, an action that was captured by a White House press photographer.

The picture quickly went viral and Briskman used it on her Facebook and Twitter profile. She told her company’s human resources department that following Monday that she was the cyclist. Despite not being on company time, executives responded by firing her for violating their social media policy.

Briskman conducted an interview on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today,” where at least one conservative site alleged she was treated “like a hero.”

Briskman received a warm welcome from Kelly and the audience. At one point, Kelly said:

I mean, to me, it speaks uniquely to what America is all about. You can do that. Like, that’s the beauty of a free society. Whether you love President Trump or hate him, you are allowed to tell the president how you feel about him. Whether it’s President Obama or President Trump. That’s one of our core ideals. However, you got fired, were forced to resign because of it.

Newsbusters criticized both Kelly and the network for the interview. They argued that the same care was not given to those who lost their jobs over politically charged demonstrations against former President Barack Obama, saying, “The moment someone lost her job for being offensive toward Trump, the network gave her a sympathetic platform and admonished her employer for firing her.”

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She was fired for flipping off President Trump, and now, one network is lauding her as a hero @HuffPost/Twitter
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