Terrifying videos show the full impact of Hurricane Irma

Left: Twitter/@kwilli1046; Right: Twitter/@Space_Station

Hours after it was categorized as a “potentially catastrophic category 5” storm by the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma began to rip through parts of the Caribbean Islands. Islands such as Barbuda and Antigua took on much of the brunt of the massive storm. Videos of Hurricane Irma’s impact path from the Atlantic Ocean through the Caribbean Islands was soon made available.

Videos by Rare

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The International Space Station was able to document Irma as it traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, capturing a sharp view of the eye of the Hurricane from space.

A homeowner detailed the devastation from her home on the Island of St. Martin.

St. Martin was hammered so intensely that some claimed the island was completely destroyed. 



According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma is expected to touch down in Florida on Saturday morning. While many Floridians evacuate their homes, others are stocking up on dry goods and bottled water as they prep for the storm.


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