United Airlines pilot kicked off flight after her rant “quickly went from playful to scary”

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A United Airlines pilot in plainclothes was removed from an Austin to San Francisco flight after a bizarre rant and erratic behavior scared passengers already seated on board.

Passengers on the flight told KVUE that the pilot came into the cabin wearing “street clothes,” got on the plane’s intercom and began ranting about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as her divorce. She called both Trump and Clinton “a**holes,” and insisted that she was going to be featured on Oprah.

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Some passengers wondered about her ability to fly the plane, especially after she made comments targeted at an interracial couple in one row.

“The reason I’m late is that I’m going through a divorce,” she told the passengers.

Passenger Randy Reiss livetweeted the incident, including the pilot’s invitation to leave (which he took).

The pair, at least, parted peacefully.

The pilot, whom United has not identified, was escorted off the plane by police. United found another pilot to fly the plane, and all arrived safely, if shaken.

A statement from Reiss reads, “Being a pilot is a tough and stressful job. This particular pilot did not seem equipped to do that job today. I hope she gets the help she probably needs,” he wrote.

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