Anti-Masker Caught Ranting on Camera Inside Costco

Another day another anti-masker ruining our day and making us roll our eyes. Apparently, an anti-masker used a megaphone inside a Costco store to criticize the use of any face-covering in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The man, who remains unidentified, was on top of the clothing display at the store in Tustin, California. The man shouted “We have got to stand up for ourselves…It’s a beautiful day outside and what are we doing, covering up with our masks.”

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As the number of COVID-19 cases rises, several stores in California have made wearing face coverings mandatory. Since mid-November, Costco customers who aren’t able to wear face masks due to medical conditions must wear a face shield at the store. But no, this man decided to go against that to get some attention for himself and ignore the face mask policy. I feel for these Costco employees. During his rant, the man falsely suggested that the COVID-19 was no more of the public health than the common flu, and that covering your face does not help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

“Do Face Masks Really Work?”

The ignorant man could be heard saying, “if masks really work, why is this still a problem? Because the masks don’t do anything. It’s just the flu, we’ve already been exposed to folks.” Mind you, this man was wearing a face mask below his chin, so he was just being dumb at this point. He also hit out previous predictions of how many people the coronavirus could actually kill. If I’m putting my two cents in here, I’m surprised this didn’t happen in Florida. The worst thing about this is that reactions to this anti-mask tirade were mixed! A few people decided to fist bump him while others did the appropriate thing, and called for him to quiet down.

While both COVID-19 and the flu (influenza) are contagious respiratory illnesses, they are crossed by different viruses that can have several different effects, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC stated that COVID is most like to spread quicker than influenza and that it can cause more serious illnesses in some, unlike the flu.

According to the CDC, “the best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus.” Across the United States, almost 300,000 people are known to have died from the Coronavirus. In comparison, an estimated 22,000 people died due to influenza in 2019, according to the CDC. But, they did note that the figure does vary each year. Two years ago, that number hit 61,000. Cases have been rising in the state of California, totaling 21,040 last week from 1,585,378 recorded COVID-19 cases, according to John Hopkins University. Globally, JHU stated there have been more than 1.6 million deaths.

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