Arby’s Manager Absolutely Loses It After Customer Asked For Refund

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An Arby’s manager in Hudson, Ohio, proved that the fast-food chain does more than just offer beef. They also are good at starting and trying to finish a beef — as in, a fight with customers over orders.

A TikTok video revealed the encounter. The customer placed an order and was not happy with the results. The female manager did not care for the way the customer expressed his unhappiness.

He didn’t believe he received the right change, for starters. So he slammed the change on the counter as he received little beyond some serious attitude from the manager.

Eventually, the two exchanged f-bombs. Like, lots of them.

But man, the manager really loses it, shouting something about the customers needing to be grateful that Arby’s is cooking them lunch. After a few more f-bombs, dropped by both parties, she threatens to call the police.

The man, who identified himself as “Jeff,” encouraged her to do just that. “Do you believe this,” he asked whoever was recording this beef.

Arby’s Manager Absolutely Loses It After Customer Asked For Refund


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Interestingly, the cashier remained professional through the whole ordeal, going about his job as another customer stepped to the counter as if nothing weird just happened.

It is not known if the manager is still employed after many who viewed the video bashed her for her lack of customer service skills. Managers are expected to deflate the situation, manage it, and know how to deal with angry and unsatisfied customers — no matter how arrogant and demeaning the customer may be.

That’s just the nature of the job. Well, for most managers. Others, clearly, may think that getting into a beef is a good thing. After all, man, this is Arby’s.

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