Mortified Couple Finds Second Deadliest Snake on Earth in Their Bedroom

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A home in Murarrie, an Australian city just South of Brisbane, was recently visited by an eastern brown snake, easily the second deadliest snake in the world. Local snake catcher, Stewart Lalor of Elite Snake Catching Services, received the call on a Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. and was dispatched to capture the venomous snake.

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By the time Stewart Lalor got to the Australian home, the eastern brown snake had moved into the couple’s bed. It took about 5-10 minutes for him to locate the snake and remove it from the couple’s bed. It was relocated to a creek where there was enough food supply to keep the snake from needing to wander off to a different area.

Photos of the venomous brown snake were captured and posted on social media, the Snake Catchers Adelaide Facebook page.

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“Called out to a property in Murarrie where a brown snake was discovered in a customers bedroom. Not exactly the best place to encounter a highly venomous snake. The eastern brown snake ranks as the second most venomous land snake on the planet,” they wrote online. “Fortunately these guys have no interest in humans and are only dangerous when interacted with, however in a situation like this the outcome could have been unfavorable.”

“It was safely removed and relocated away from any properties, always remember to leave snakes alone and call a professional snake catcher to deal with the situation,” they added.

Lalor also said that this was the Australian couple’s “first experience with a snake inside their home” and believed the venomous snake might have entered the property from a nearby construction site. A week before, the snake catchers had posted a video of the same kind of deadly snake just hanging it on the road, getting a tan.

I’m sure that Australian couple had the shock of their life finding that poisonous snake in their own bed. I’ll probably be a little extra cautious checking my sheets every night before I climb into bed now. Thinking about finding any type of snake in my bed gives me chills.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on September 20, 2017.

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