A 27-year-old man from Scotland visiting Dubai is facing the prospect of spending three years of his life behind bars because he touched a man at a bar on the hip while, he says, he was trying to avoid spilling his drink.

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According to the BBC, Jamie Harron was jailed for five days, had his passport confiscated and now faces three years in prison due to charges of public indecency.

Chief executive of Detained in Dubai Radha Stirling has said on the matter, the Guardian reports, that it “is quite outrageous that he has been held in the country for so long already.”

“This is another example of how vulnerable tourists are to arrest and detention in Dubai and at how drawn out and disorganised legal proceedings are,” Stirling added.

Harron says that the Rock Bottom bar was crowded and that he “touched a man on his hip to avoid impact” while preventing a drink spill. Harron, who was with a friend at the time, claimed that the accuser only seemed upset after they sat down at a table.

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A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said in a statement that Harron is receiving “consular assistance.”

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