Police ask out how Pepsi machine wound up in Canadian field—and Twitter has theories


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Videos by Rare

The random appearance of a Pepsi vending machine in a Canadian potato field became the subject of hot debate as Twitter users sought an explanation.

When the New Brunswick Royal Canadian Mountain Police could not come up with an explanation for the discovery of the random machine, reporter Rebecca Lau tweeted a picture of the vending machine to the public.

“This may be one of my all-time favourite RCMP news releases: ‘Pepsi vending machine discovered in potato field.’ I’ve attached a photo of the machine, found in Saint-Léonard #NewBrunswick, in case you’re curious,” she wrote.

Some were completely baffled.

Of course, there was the most likely explanation.

One person thought Santa might have dropped it, but everyone knows that Pepsi isn’t his style.

Maybe the machine didn’t owe anyone an explanation.

Or perhaps it was offering something more philosophical.

Perhaps it was Canada just being Canada.

Maybe this guy?

Regardless of what reasoning was, some were just shocked by the news.

Much-needed thoughts and prayers were sent.

But, perhaps most importantly, at least one reporter wondered why it took RCMP three months to send out a press release.

If anyone accidentally dropped their vending machine in the potato field or has an idea of who the owner was, they are free to contact Saint-Léonard RCMP at the number listed below.

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