Air travel is often stressful, but seeing your plane’s engine burst into flames takes it to a new level


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Only a week after a passenger was forced to wait for emergency service while her baby overheated on an airplane, the Denver International Airport was the scene of another distressing plane incident. SkyWest Flight 5869, operating as a United Express flight from Aspen, Colo., landed at Denver International Airport (DIA) shortly before one of its engines burst into flames.

Reuters reports that all 59 passengers were safely evacuated from the flight when it landed. Neither the passengers nor the four crew members were injured.

Marissa Snow, a spokeswoman for SkyWest, said that there was no indication of a mechanical issue until the plane landed.

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Pictures and video of the incident and emergency response were captured by passenger Raiyan Syed:

DIA confirmed the incident:

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