A fisherman dug in to clean a hammerhead shark, but got more than he bargained for

Warning: Video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to watch.

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Sometimes, you capture videos when you least expect to. This videographer happened to be on vacation. Any waterfront is usually a good place to see some interesting sights, whether it’s boats or humans or both. There’s usually some stray cats skirmishing with pelicans over fish guts.

One of the things you can see on a dock is what returning fisherman have caught that day, grouper, redfish, mackerel, lots of other fish. They all look pretty cool and the charter captains know that it’s free advertising – come with me and you’ll get a great catch!

But this particular catch, I don’t know, it’s probably not the kind of thing that makes paying customers want to pay if you “ketch” my drift. Maybe this one should have been thrown back, or perhaps carefully released. Back to the briny depths with you, mom.

The video shows a hammerhead after it was caught. Little did whoever caught it know — she was pregnant. And not just a little pregnant, it turns out she was carrying a whole fleet of little hammers. These little guys will never know the fun of being scary denizens of the deep.

Watch as a man scoops out all 34 of the babies from the mother’s tummy. Also, note that nobody seems to be freaked out about this. There’s a lot of background chatter, mostly unintelligible. Someone asks how much the shark weighed and it sounds like someone’s asking what time it is. Meanwhile our silent shark cleaning guy just goes about his grisly business. Its a dirty, even bloody job but apparently someone can and will do it.

Poor thing(s).

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