This viral video of a teen shattering an icy trampoline looks like something out of a movie


It’s easy to see why a video of a Missouri teen shattering ice on a trampoline quickly went viral.

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According to Michelle Blackmann McNew, her son, an Ozark eighth-grader, was at a friend’s house when he decided to jump on an icy trampoline. The trampoline belonged to his mom’s friend, Christy Berryman.

The teen is seen taking a leap right as the slow-motion feature kicks in. From there, the teen slowly makes his way towards the sheet of ice on the trampoline. It completely shatters upon impact, mirroring something like a special effect in a movie.

McNew shared the video on her social media.

And because this was posted on the internet, several found that they couldn’t simply enjoy the video without a criticism or two.

“And broke the trampoline[,] awesome,” snarked one viewer on Facebook. Another went after the parents, saying, “No net. No protection around the metal. Awesome set up for head and spinal injury!”

The mother of the teen who owned the trampoline clapped back against one hater perfectly:

It’s my trampoline. My friend Michelle shared it. It’s my trampoline and it never broke. Only the ice did. It’s missing some springs but it’s been reinforced genius. Why am I explaining this to you? It’s not your kid. Stay out of it Safety Guy.

Others were a bit sweeter.

At least one teacher asked if he could show the video to his students to talk about the transfer of energy. McNew assured him that neither she nor the other mom would mind.

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