Two men took it outside after cursing at each other on the bus — one was knocked out cold

YouTube/Tev Oviloheji

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Warning: this video contains violence.

Video showing a vulgar war of words on a U.S. bus between two riders ended with one of the two knocked out on a sidewalk in broad daylight.

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All of it happened in front of others and on camera.

The Daily Star picked up the video from the popular video uploading site LiveLeak. The uploader there claimed that this happened in Los Angeles, Calif., but nothing in the video itself, to our knowledge, confirms that.

YouTube/Tev Oviloheji

One of the two men — the guy with the plastic bag and what looks like 40 ounces of malt liquor — begins bragging about how much money he rakes in compared to the other passenger, while also using slurs and and vulgarity

At first, the other passenger sat there and took the verbal abuse, but he changed his mind moments later.

He got up and told the angry passenger to “get the f**k off of the bus.” When that passenger would not, he threw him to the ground. Then the two took the rest outside. It’s not clear if they had a history or if they had just met.

It only took one punch to put an end to the argument.

YouTube/Tev Oviloheji

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As you can see in the video below, he was out like a light.

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