Customers Say McDonald’s Is ‘No Longer Affordable’ After TikToker Shares Bill of His Usual Order

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There once was a day when you could buy a Big Mac for 89 cents. I remember watching my parents pump gas in the 80s and comparing the price of one gallon to a meal at McDonald’s. Those days are long gone, and customers are saying Mickey D’s is no longer affordable. A viral post on TikTok shows how one man’s usual order cost him nearly $20!

When the Price of a Single McDonald’s Order Gives You Financial Anxiety

Topher, who goes by @topherolive on TikTok, shared his meal receipt with his 335k followers. He’d ordered from a McDonald’s restaurant in Post Falls, Idaho. The total for a Double Smokey BLT Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a large French fry, and a Sprite came out to $16.10.

“McDonald’s. So, I get there’s a labor shortage. I get there’s wage increases and a number of other things. But, $16 for a burger, a large fry, and a drink. It’s just crazy,” said Topher.

“Five guys prices at McDonald’s?!?” said the top comment.

Investigating Post Falls, Idaho’s McDonald’s Prices

Interested in whether this was true or not, I researched what Five Guys near Post Falls actually costs. The closest location I found was Boise, Idaho. The cost of a double bacon cheeseburger with lettuce and tomatoes came out to $12.49. However, when you slapped on a large fry and a large Sprite, the total came out to $22.27. To be fair, Five Guys is still more expensive, however, the burger itself is comparable.

Next, I plugged in the cost of the very large and fancy McDonald’s burger that Topher bought. In Boise, the sandwich itself came out to $12.29. If you made that a large meal with a Sprite, it was $13.09. Not quite as expensive as Topher’s meal in Post Falls, Idaho.

So, then I checked a city in California and saw that the same sandwich alone costs over $17.00. Indeed, Topher’s McDonald’s meal does not cost the same amount no matter where you go. It seems that McDonald’s prices differ depending on the city, even within the same state.

While some of Topher’s TikTok followers called him out for ordering a trending and thus very expensive menu item, others felt bad for the guy. One person said it was about half the price for the same sandwich in Michigan. And others recommended that he use the McDonald’s app, which offers deals that can substantially decrease the cost of a meal.

The Price of Topher’s Meal in Idaho Requires 2x More Minimum Wage Labor Than in California

What makes the price of Topher’s McDonald’s meal seem even more exorbitant is the fact that Idaho hasn’t increased its minimum wage since 2008. That year, the minimum wage rose from $6.55 to $7.25. It’s plateaued at the same spot ever since.

Conversely, the minimum wage in California is $15.00 in 2022 and is about to go up to $15.50. Granted, housing is exorbitant in Cali—but you’d only have to work for an hour plus some change to earn enough for Topher’s meal.

But for an Idahoan craving a McDonald’s meal and wanting to splurge on the newest Double Smokey BLT QP w/ cheese, a large fry, and a soda, they’re going to pay more than two hours of work time at minimum wage. That’s insane.

#IStandWithTopher. McDonald’s no longer seems affordable.

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  1. You start off complaining about the price of a Big Mac Meal but end up talking about one of the double quarter speciality meals as the comparison, of coarse will be more. Yes prices have gone up on everything, why wouldn’t McDonalds go up too? This article is ridiculous and so are people who don’t think McDonald’s prices won’t go up.

  2. RC The whole point is that the cost of living is completely out of hand. There’s NO end in sight and there’s government involvement in the economy to blame! Democrats to be precise!

    • Since when have Republicans cared about working people, save in election campaign slogans and fund solitication appeals? Democrats at least try to make life better for middle class and working class people — what you call “government involvement in the economy.”

      • You do realize that the democrats have caused the economy to be the way it is today in 2022 .. sure minimum wage jobs have had major pay increases !! It you are actually making less money !! Everything that you buy has gone up 60 to 90 %
        Interest rates just in 2 years have gone up from 2.75! % to almost 8% so you keep voting for the dems !! But you do not have the right to complain about this countries inflation and how much everything cost these days !!
        You voted for it !! That’s what the dems do best !! Spend money and raise taxes and have high interest rates !! 😪


  3. What’s even better is as the costs continue to rise for fast food the time it takes to receive your order is getter much longer. 20-30 minute wait times at the drive thru or at the counter is unbelievable.

  4. The man ordered a sandwich that has a half pound of beef on it. Ya it’s gonna cost a lot. I also like that they didn’t mention the hiring wage at McDonald’s which is always more than minimum wage. My area minimum wage is 7.25 but McDonald’s starts at $12.

  5. I have trouble pitying anyone who eats fast food. The food is disgusting and incredibly unhealthy, and it’s produced by a vile, dehumanizing corporation.

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