Fitness Expert Shares Army Technique to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes

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In the event a little white noise or avoiding screen time and caffeine in the evening don’t do the trick, well, you may be in luck.

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Fitness expert Justin Agustin says he has a way for you to fall asleep in two minutes. (Side note: Do not attempt while driving or operating heavy machinery.)

“This technique was developed in the military to allow soldiers to fall asleep at any time, any place — even on the battlefield when the environment is extremely uncomfortable and there’s a lot of noise happening,” Agustin said in a TikTok video.

“Sleep for a soldier is crucial. According to my research, this was developed mainly for fighter pilots who need 100 percent of their reflexes and focus, which we all know decreases with the lack of sleep.”

All you need to do, per Agustin, is relax every part of your body … little by little.

2 Minute Army Technique to Fall Asleep

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You should also feel a heavy or “warm” sensation traveling throughout your body, almost as if you’re floating on a cloud.

“Make sure your shoulders are not tensed up. Drop them as low as you can and keep your arms loose by your side, including your hands and fingers,” Agustin said.

“Take a deep breath and slowly exhale, relaxing your chest, your stomach, down to your thighs, knees, legs and feet. Again, imagine this warm sensation going down from your heart all the way to your toes.”

Of course, a big key, he added, is to “remove your body of any stresses.” And with that, you’ll be out in no time, he insisted.

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